Please fill in the blanks and click Calculate to help you choose the right utility cart models to fit your application. Note: All boxes must have a value for the calculator to work correctly.


Here are some examples with approximate weights:
2 cases of #10 cans of tomato sauce=84 lbs
2 bus tubs filled with 8 place settings=70 lbs
1 full sized pan of mashed potatoes=32 lbs
1 18" x 26" box with 4 dz. flatware set-ups=48 lbs

 What types of floor surfaces will the cart encounter on a daily basis?  Please fill in all that apply.

How many hours per day will the cart be used?

Total load capacity is determined by assuming the load is distributed evenly on all shelves.



Find Your Cart

Round up to the next highest capacity (listed below) to your calculated result. Click on the appropriate link below to view the models that will work best for your application. 


300 LB Capacity


500 LB Capacity


700 LB Capacity


1000 LB Capacity


1500 LB Capacity