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Foodservice Equipment Options to Enhance College Foodservice

College and university campuses are big places that require a whole range of different foodservice options.

From students who are on-to-go and short on time to alumni functions that can be so important to fundraising, the ability to provide foodservice to a variety of people in a number of diverse ways can help a college or university stand out. Service isn't always easy, though, and sometimes requires some innovative service solutions.

Let's take a quick look at four foodservice equipment options that can help a college or university be successful with campus foodservice operations.


MULTI-TERRAIN TRANSPORT CARTSIf there's a reception for the college of journalism out on the quad amidst all those beautiful oak trees, what is the easiest way to set up refreshments? The answer can be with a multi-terrain transport cart, which is perfect traversing different types of landscapes, whether it be across a brick walkway or across the grass.

With a patent-pending handle design that allows for maximum leverage of heavy loads, these units are ideal for helping staff members achieve their full potential. Ergonomically designed, multi-terrain transport carts include rugged pneumatic casters that are built for tough terrain and long trips.


ISLE 'N GOThe Isle 'N Go is a great way to merchandise some of the most important food and beverage options at a college or university event. They offer bi-directional visibility, are easy to place, and can help with increased sales or participation. Even better, these mobile merchandising carts have quick-change signage allowing operators to easily transition from one type of service to another.

In terms of operation, the units have height adjustable shelves to accommodate different sizes of merchandise, and the steel tube framing means units are stable and durable. Swivel casters make them easy to move from one location to another.

See our ROI calculator to see how quickly a piece like this one pays for itself!


A university function such as an alumni fundraiser will most certainly include a beverage station. And because these events are often held in a variety of on-campus locations, having a mobile bar can be a huge asset to a college's catering program. Like in restaurants or at other catered events, the bar is often the most popular place at the entire event.

Modified mobile bars from Geneva are durable and are designed for high-capacity, large events where rigorous use is required. With high-volume cup and glass capacity and construction created to hold up over time, units are functional, fashionable, and profitable.


FIT 'N FINISH FINISHING STATIONA Fit 'N Finish finishing station is a mobile island space that allows guests to customize their food and beverage choices while providing operators an easy way to improve efficiency, branding, and the customer experience with an aesthetically-pleasing unit.

From condiments to coffee bars, units have a small footprint that can accommodate a wide range of uses. They can be easily expanded to allow for personalization, and they can help save on labor costs. Designed for expanded configuration such as side-by-side and back-to-back, they come with storage and refuse compartments, as well as recessed casters for mobility and fashionability.

Learn more about these solutions and others that can help enhance college and university foodservice.

Your student body is always busy, always on-the-go.  From tests and papers, to attending the "big game," and even participating in sports at all levels, they barely have time to get a decent meal.  When it comes to foodservice, you need to catch them in places outside of your normal venues. This is where our set of quick tips can help you out.  This brief guide will get you thinking "outside of the box."  You'll be able to see hidden, underutilized spaces where you can bring foodservice to new places on your campus. Download it today!