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The Challenge of Upgrading College and University Foodservice Counters

If you're like most colleges and universities, you've probably been around for a while.

And while this may do wonders for your reputation and your application numbers, it can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to upgrading your college and university foodservice counters.

When a campus foodservice program looks to upgrade or retrofit, the new equipment typically needs to be flexible in its design and have an aesthetic that fits with existing look and feel of the room, which is often complementary and attractive. After all, buying food from a service counter that looks someone's dorm room wouldn't be advised.

Let's take Cornell University, for example. When they decided to upgrade a service area, the needed counters that had a high-end appeal. Specifically, they wanted finished millwork while also providing the durability that comes with stainless steel. And like everyone, they were in a time crunch to meet construction schedules.

What was the easiest way to turn Café Jennie into a premium location for hot and cold beverages, as well as a limited menu of both hot and cold items? Let's take a look.

With serving solutions from Multiteria, a unique stainless steel shell coupled with an ability to provide a beautiful aesthetic using wood veneers and plastic laminates gave the staff at Cornell exactly what they were looking for -- an upgrade in service while maintaining a classic look.

Working with the university's design team and foodservice equipment contractor, a set of solutions were assembled to support all the potential menu items being considered. Blenders, soup warmers, a combi oven, an ice maker, coffee equipment, and much more -- were all assembled around the structure of Multeria's serving counter.

In addition, other portable countertops were included to provide additional functionality, including condiments, napkins, sugar packets, and more. Working with Cornell's desire to separate trash, the service area also included different receptacle areas for compost, paper, bottles, and cans.

Curious how custom design work can help your upgrades? Schedule some time with a college and university foodservice expert at Multitieria.